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4 Ways to Break your Music as an Independent Artists

The music industry is changing, and it’s up to you whether it’s for better or worse. One thing that doesn’t change year after...

Artist Spotlight

Merlaku Ra

Merlaku Ra is a multi-talented nu-form, futuristic blues artist. While the Los Angeles based creative has lived in many places – Greenville, South...


Black Creators Make the World Go Round

As creative marketers in the Social media industry it’s been exhausting to see the lack of black representation, there’s always been an immense...


Black Entrepreneurs Breaking Through

Historically, Labels and established Artists have dominated the business side of the music industry. While independent Artists make up nearly 40 percent of...

Artist Spotlight


The Panamanian – Haitian Princess, IamEgypt started writing and making music a few years ago after being inspired by a character she was...

Artist Spotlight

Roro Yone

As a child, artist Roro Yone would watch his siblings practice and perfect their craft, and he quickly learned to do the same....

Artist Spotlight

Dezmond Dane

Starting at just 12-years-old, expressionist Dezmond Dane is a decade deep into his craft. The Boston-born MC turned musical artist has evolved into...

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